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approach is a forward step in Belarussian furniture
ритейле.In Belarus in 2009 it was put into an operation almost six million square meters of general area of accommodation, in 2010 this number it is planned to heave up on one and a half millions. Creation of comfort on the square meters of dwellings apartments, first of all, comfort furniture and objects provide interiors or, speaking in language of market, all that, that can be purchased in furniture shops. What times are experienced by a furniture market in Belarus? About it speech went on opening of мультибрендового furniture shop "fireside".

From data of Center of industrial researches of CSIL Milano, the consumption of furniture per capita now hesitates scope from 32 dollars in a year in countries with the medium-and-low level of profits to 252 dollars in countries with high profits. In Europe forming of image of furniture as a commodity which is associated with character and lifestyle, a retail business occupies. Here two formats of ритейла - conception of "DIY" and "home furnishing" develop actively. "DIY", or do it yourself ("do"), plugs in itself four basic directions: commodities for repair, for a house (beginning from a clock, Text. and concluding furniture), for a garden and building materials. Here a customer comes in case of necessity to do repair of dwelling. In the direction of "home furnishing" ("commodities for a house") furniture and accessories are presented. The feature of such shops is a multibrand, registration of "rooms" in the prepared интерьерных decisions, that helps to reflect the tendencies of fashion, style, helps a customer to do a choice.

From data of Department of commerce of Republic of Belarus, a furniture market is one of competition in a country. However 34% respondents of research "Project furniture", marketing of мультибрендового shop conducted by a department "fireside", marked that them does not arrange in-process existent торговых points, first of all, monotony of products, absence of choice.

Today т is most popular in Belarus

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